This website (somewhat clunkily) unites my two professional lives: my academic life as a researcher of childhood and education, and my other life as a children’s author in French and English. There are connections between the two, but they are also quite separate aspects of my existence, and I think about them differently – so not all blog posts will be fascinating for everyone, nor always pitched similarly.

‘In a sense, all education is a failure’ is one of my favourite quotations on education, by Simone de Beauvoir (Ethics of Ambiguity). It is a happy failure, as I see it – the failure to tell the child exactly where to go and what to do, because there’s always something in the educational relationship, I think, that exceeds what the adult thinks they’re doing.

A bit about me:

cbeauvaisThough I started to read children’s books pretty early, I somehow never stopped, and quickly started writing my own. I was also, even as a child, fascinated by childhood – very meta, I know – and by education. Unsurprisingly, I first wanted to be a primary school teacher, but it didn’t turn out that way in the end. I am now an education researcher and a children’s author. I lived and studied in Cambridge (UK) for many years, and became a doctor at some point. Well, not the type that saves people’s lives. The type that scribbles ‘PhD’ after their name and rambles about concepts and theories. Worth striving for, I think…

I then did a Junior Research Fellowship at Homerton College, in Cambridge, and I am now a lecturer in English and Education at the University of York. More about my academic work here.

In my other life as a children’s writer, I have now written fifteen or so children’s books, in French and English, with many more in the pipeline. My books are widely sold, translated, and have won many national and regional awards in France, as well as a few international distinctions. My first series of children’s books in English, led by self-made superheroine Sesame Seade, started being published in 2013 by Hodder Children’s Books. I also write the Royal Babysitters series for Bloomsbury. More recently I have published an English translation of one my own YA novels, Piglettes, with Pushkin Press.

I have also translated Sarah Crossan’s Carnegie-winning novel in verse One into French, as Inséparables.

My agent is Kirsty McLachlan of David Godwin Associates.

Oh yes, one important point: ‘How’s your name pronounced???!!!!!’

Clementeen Bovay.

But that’s not even all there is to it. My full name is Clémentine Morgane Mélusine Hécate Beauvais.

As Sesame Seade would have it: ‘Seriously! Parents!’


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14 thoughts on “About

  1. My 7 year old daughter has just discovered your books. After months of trying to get her excited about stories. The royal babysitters caputured her imagination! She loves the names of the characters as has a nanny Sheila, and an uncle Steve from Slough. She loved the similarities and loved holly, Anna and pepino – well done xx

  2. I love your name and you are such a great author. I’m 11 years old and at school we have to do a project on a book and I chose The Royal bake Off. I have to write a book review and do a write up about you. It has been so fun to learn about you Clementine. You are such an inspiration and I love you and think you are absolutely beautiful. You are awesome and you rock(that’s what me and my friends say). I love Anna Holly and pepino. Oh and quick question how do you pronounce Pepino. I love the names of the country’s as well. You have such a good imagination and I know I have already said it but I LOVE YOU.☺️☺️☺️

    • Dear Jessica, thank you for this! that’s very sweet of you to say and I hope the review goes really well. Personally, I say PepEEno… in French, it sounds a bit like what you’d call a little pip!
      Much love!

  3. Mlle Beauvais:

    Yesterday I came across a journal article that you wrote which was published in

    Children’s Literature Association Quarterly
    Volume 40, Number 3, Fall 2015
    pp. 277-293

    In it, you quoted from a chapter that I contributed to “Roald Dahl and Philosophy”, and you made an assertion regarding the meaning of and perhaps the motive for the sentence that you quoted.

    Today I have obtained a copy of that journal article, read the reference to my work, and researched my chapter in depth. Your assertion regarding both the meaning of and motive for the statement that you quoted is incorrect. I have rebutted your assertion in my WordPress blog.


    John V. Karavitis
    Chicago, IL


  4. Chère Madame Beauvais,
    Je m’appelle Luise, j’ai 17 ans et je suis une lycéenne allemande. Dans le cadre de notre Tpe et du prix des lycéens allemands, deux copines et moi ont fait un produit creatif, c’est en fait un clip vidéo musicale basé sur votre livre les petites reines.
    Je vous donne mon adresse émail, comme ça vous me pouvez donner en privé votre adresse émail ou un autre moyen par le quel on peut vous envoyer le clip ( seulement si vous êtes intéressés bien sûr, mais on s’est dit que peut être vous l’aimerez voir)
    Meilleures salutations Luise

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  6. hi i love your book piglettes, i am currently reading it for the NETBA awards i wish to give you my vote as the book is very memorable and funny, thank you.

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