Current research

I started this research project as a Junior Research Fellow at Homerton College, Cambridge (2013-2015).

My research project focuses on the construct of child precocity in the twentieth century. I am interested in the evolution of the conceptualisation and representations of precocious children (in literature, culture, the media, educational discourse, etc.) and in what they can tell us about the adult-child relationship, perceptions of child ‘time’, and social and philosophical conceptions of childhood and education. Some aspects I am particularly interested in include the notion of ‘potential’, the educational treatment of precocity, literary and media interest for precocity, and the connections between such terms as giftedness, precocity, intelligence, talent.

My approach is decidedly multidisciplinary and spans the sociology and the philosophy of childhood and education, cultural and literary studies, and critical theory.

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2 thoughts on “Current research

  1. I am fascinated in your work. Are you likely to have any papers available to read soon?

    Working for a maths charity we have to fight against the ingrained notion within this country that some people just ‘can’t do maths’. Those who have struggled with maths see those who excel as ‘geniuses’ – when in reality their success is more likely to be due to circumstance rather than ‘giftedness’.

    Your research has the potential to be extremely powerful – I will follow it with much interest!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Your work is so important… I am one of those many girls who was ‘lost’ to maths in part due to the conviction that ‘boys were better at it than girls anyway’.

      I will have one paper coming out soon, on the ‘Mozart Effect’ – I will be posting about it here when it’s out. My research is very much still in progress right now.

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