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Gargoyles Gone AWOL (Oct 2013)

Gargoyles Gone AWOL (Oct 2013)

April 2014!

April 2014!

There will be mysteries, there will be laughs, and there will be a lot of different modes of transportation! The Sesame Seade books are published by Hodder Children’s Books and illustrated by the amazing Sarah Horne.

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Sesame is an eleven-year-old roller-skating self-made superheroine with as many connections in her brain as there are stars in the universe. She’d quite like a pet duck. Her parents aren’t keen (they won’t even consider a duckling). Professor Seade (Mum) is a Pharmacologist and Reverend Seade (Dad) is a Chaplain, and both of them are ever so slightly baffled by their wunderkind. Especially when she turns super-sleuth to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Jenna Jenkins…

And all this happens in quite a nice little corner of the world called Cambridge (which I vaguely know, I looked it up on Wikipedia once), and it’s a series of humour, mystery and adventure (all at the same time) featuring happy ducks, a yellow boat, a flock of ballet dancers, a notable absence of tangy tangerine strings, strange professors, sleepy students, and above all a hyperactive heroine with two best friends and a sometimes dangerous cat.

The series is mainly for fun-loving kids who blew out eight, nine, ten or eleven candles at their last birthday party – but I’m fairly sure that reading it won’t kill anyone with better- or less-well-lit celebratory cakes.

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7 thoughts on “Sesame Seade

  1. What an adorable sounding series! I’ll have to bug my UK friends to pick me up a copy when they publish. I work at Random House children’s and have to say, I love that Cambridge has started a children’s lit course (I’d love to study there down the line, as a matter of fact!).

  2. Dear Clementine, my girls and I love Sunny – as she is called in German – and we deeply hope that her adventures will last for more than a trilogy :-) Sunny is just perfect .. witty and wise, funny and refreshingly “non-conform” … We just love her very own interpretations of rules. And we just love the way you are writing. Kind regards from Germany!

    • Dear Simone, thank you very much/ danke schön for your message! that’s the very first time ever that I get feedback from Germany… I wish I could read the German translation! I’m so glad you and the girls like the books. For now, there aren’t any more books planned… but maybe one day! Hello to you and your daughters from hot and cloudy Cambridge.

  3. How are there only two comments here? These are such wonderful books!

    I have been reading them to my daughter (age 7) and we are having a blast. I work for a technology company, so the plot of the first book was particularly apropos to my line of work. My daughter enjoys playing with language and has an irreverent streak a mile wide, so I’m hoping that she will see Sesame as a role model :). We are just starting “Scam on the Cam”, and already I am sad to be reaching the end of these books.

    Thank you for writing something that is such fun to read for both children and their parents!

    • Oh thank you! it’s very kind of you to take the time to come here and comment. I’m delighted she likes them and that you’re enjoying reading them to her too! Enjoy ‘Scam’ – it’s my favourite one :)

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